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For those who haven't been paying attention, the best current love story being told right now is on Guiding Light, an American daytime soap opera, and is between two (gorgeous) women: Olivia and Natalia.

I could spend A LOT of words talking about this love story, but instead, I'll just send you to the amazing Otaliafan on YouTube (clicky clicky) and you can watch their amazing story yourself (or at least the last 6 months or so.

This fandom has, to quote another fan, 'Eaten. My. Brain.'

So you can only imagine (actually, you'll probably underestimate) my distress at discovering that CBS had CANCELED Guiding Light. Meaning the show's current last air date is Sept 18.

And I had to do something, so here you go. If, after watching the YouTube videos you're inspired, visit the Save Guiding Light Forum to see what you can do to help save the show.

Pepa and Silvia!

So, man, that last entry was a downer! Now mind you, work hasn't gotten any better -- though of course in today's economy I'm just happy to be employed -- but there are SOME things to celebrate.

Namely: Pepa Y Silvia!

If you have not done so already, the RUN, do not walk to pepa_silvia. ...On the other hand, I guess actually now's not the best time to visit our girls - quite the angst-filled season. But if you watch last season, though, it's totally awesome.

And if you are, like me, completely non-SPanish speaking (Did I mention it's a Spanish show? No? Sorry) then take advantage of random_flores's REMARKABLE generosity, and enjoy her rocking pic spam/videos/recaps.

And, apropos only of my userpic: Did you know that Pride & Prejudice is available (to read) online in its entirety? This is convenient if you are truly done with working (regardless of whether your work is done, of course) and need a break. I'm just saying, it's a lot better use of your office computer than Internet porn.

Life, The Universe, and Everything

Wow. I have to say working for a living has some real drawbacks. Notably the working part.

Today's icon about perfectly matches how I feel -- totally frazzled. I was hoping, again, to see if I can jump start my story writing by putting something - anything- down here. (I was about to say 'down on paper' ha!)

I have a good chunk of a JJ/Emily story written - but my beta asked some very good questions, and it involves some serious rewriting, and work really sucks because someone left, and suddenly I have no time or energy to write.


I am greatly amused

By this picture, so I'm going to leave it up here at the top indefinitely.

more cat pictures


70,000, Thunderstorms, Washers

My fan fic writing is a whole lotta nothing right now, so I'm trying to keep the ability to write alive by posting. Mostly posting crappy junk, but at least it's words strung together.

My car turned 70,000 today, which I noticed as I arrived in the garage at work. So rare to hit a big milestone like that and get to see it for anything length of time. I love my car dearly - a Cabrio convertible. I've always said it's worth hundreds of dollars a year in free therapy. Bad day at work? Drive home, top down (preferably in good weather :)) with music playing loudly. Hard to go wrong.

Thunderstorms today in my area - bad enough to rate mention on CNN and lots of coverage. I work downtown, in a 10 story building surrounded by other 10 story buildings. The storm swept in, and it got black outside, so of course I went the window to watch it. And then, I looked at the office building across the street -- only to see many windows similarly filled with people staring out at the weather! Ha. Human nature, I guess, to stare, awestruck, at Mother Nature. Or maybe just the trainwreck phenomenon, as we all wait for something bad to happen.

and to complete the trashy trifecta: Washers. As in a new washing machine, which is, frankly, SO FREAKING COOL. It's red -- honestly the reason we bought it -- and seems to be utterly silent. It's one of the those high efficiency ones, so it barely even seems like it's working.


Yes, a new level of pathetic when you're writing about a new washer, but really, if you could see it... :)

Realizations of the miscellaneous variety

Two of them, completely unrelated, of course.

First, Higher Ground. I was puzzling over why, in this day of Instant DVDs for virtually all TV shows, Higher Ground hadn't been released. You gotta figure Hayden Christiansen's fanbase alone would make it worth while.

My theory on why Higher Ground hasn't been released is HERECollapse )

My other realization is a kinda of "duh" moment. I just suddenly had this blinding revelation about how certain events on Criminal Minds are going to affect fan fic -- and my writing of it.

I'm going to discuss a big Criminal Minds spoiler, so don't click if you don't want to knowCollapse )
I know, no one knew I was gone, so my triumphant return kind of loses its impact, yes?

Nonetheless, I was on vacation all last weekend, at the Dinah Shore. (Okay, okay, it's now called the Kraft-Nabisco, blah blah, it's still the Dinah) This, for those of you who don't know, is also called 'lesbian spring break'. It was in the L Word first season -- the girls all road trip there.

We didn't stay at one of the two party hotels, but that's just as well - not a huge partier in any case. But we did GET to one of the parties on Saturday night.

One word for you: Pole dancers.

(Or as Shelby would say, "Wait, I mean two words")

Yeah. More about pole dancers here - but no pics so don't get your hopes upCollapse )

Overall, though, being at the event was awesome. Palm Springs was crawling with family, and there's something just... great... about being around THAT many of your peeps.

No famous people sightings, unless you count Suzanne Westenhoefer. With her girlfriend. And can I just say how WEIRD it is to hear a comedian make the traditional 'significant other' jokes, and then SEE the actual significant other? Plus, Suzanne made jokes about their sex life, which... again, funny at the time, but when you see the girlfriend, is kind of an 'eww' moment, because then you have actual IMAGES.

Anyway, I'm now off to read a bunch of Epic Proportions stories -- THANK YOU RALST! -- that I managed to save until this weekend when I could properly enjoy them.

Oh, and I would comment about the Criminal Minds new episodes, but others (like lysachan and shaych at cm_femslash) do it so well...

Ramblings on a Sunday Afternoon

Just two thoughts.

One, about Higher Ground. Just rewatched this entire series again. Well, sort of: I'll be honest, I fast forward through the non-AJ Cook stuff, in most cases. What can I say? I'm there for AJ, not the others. Wait, Jewel Staite is good, too, so I watch her.

Some possibly spoilery thoughts about AJ Cook in Higher GroundCollapse )

AND, I have the Tru Calling DVDs - which I bought for Eliza Dushku - but it's got AJ too! And (hangs head) I've never watched those, so they're up next!

Second, about writing fan fiction. So, as I mentioned earlier, I've been working on another JJ/Emily fic. And I'm... surprised by how hard this one is, compared to the first one. The first one just flowed; I mean, I had to do some serious rewrites, but the idea, the story, just came right out.

I'm struggling right now with a shorter fic - I'm guessing 15-20k words - and it's just not coming at all. So I've been trying to figure out what's wrong/different.

Navel-gazing thoughts about writing behind the cut because I'm very long-winded, apparentlyCollapse )

Higher Ground

I'm still obsessed with all things Emily/JJ - which now extends to all things AJ Cook/Paget Brewster, of course.

So, I just watched all 22 episodes of "Higher Ground" - just search YouTube and you'll find it. Frankly, AJ Cook is so good in this, I'd be tempted to even buy the dvds -- but of course, there aren't any. And the fact that I watched the entire series on YouTube -- occasionally with VERY poor quality -- speaks volumes in itself.

My point: If you're pining for a little JJ action, watch Higher Ground, and enjoy! I certainly did.